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Anti Downdraught Chimney Cowl

Windkat is one of the most effective anti-down draught cowl on the market. It uses a system of injection nozzles to maintain constant negative pressure in any professionally installed flue to which it is fitted.


Unlike other cowls and chimney pots, Windkat not only reliably cures downdraught but also improves draw. It helps to maintain a steady even draw, making it more effective than static anti-downdraught cowls that cannot create up-draught. Windkat also has several advantages over spinning cowls, which can be more prone to failures commonly associated with wear and tear of moving parts.

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Why Windkat

The advantages of Windkat at a glance:

Provides constant even negative pressure which banishes downdraught and increases combustion efficiency.

Unlike a rotating cowl the windkat has no moving parts to wear out, won't develop an irritating noise, is effective even in still conditions, won't stop working, and maintains a constant even draw.

The hinged top allows for easy cleaning access.

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Fits directly and very securely onto the flat top of your chimney stack (base plate configuration) and replaces any existing chimney pot. The Plug-in configuration allows installation directly into single or double walled flue pipes.

The Windkat is far more effective then most other static anti downdraught cowls.

Minimal Maintenance

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